How Can An Orthodontist Fix An Overbite?

Overbites are caused by the upper teeth overlapping the lower ones. They are also known as malocclusions, and unfortunately, they don’t just cause issues with your general appearance.

These jaw alignment issues can lead to pain while chewing, speech problems, and even increase your risks for oral health issues because they make it more difficult to properly clean your teeth. 

If you want to have an overbite fixed, your first move should be to look for an orthodontist. Here’s how this specialist may be able to help you:

Types of Overbites

Overbites can have different degrees of severity, but there are usually two types of malocclusion, depending on their root causes:

  • Dental: the overbite appearance is caused by tooth placement.
  • Skeletal: The overbite is caused by the actual structure of the jaw. 

Determining which of the two applies to you is essential because it can greatly impact your treatment.

How Are Overbites Treated?

An orthodontist will generally use one of two methods to correct an overbite:

1. Braces

Braces are not only used to straighten teeth. They can also help improve your bite and fix an overbite, especially if it’s a dental overbite. However, in some cases, braces can also address a skeletal overbite, though mostly mild ones.

Braces work by applying pressure on the teeth. The brackets get bonded to the tooth and are connected through wires, which are tightened by the orthodontists to slowly move the teeth to their most optimal position. 

Braces can be used for all types of skeletal overbites, even the more severe ones since they provide enough pressure to move the teeth as much as necessary.

2. Invisalign

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that involves wearing clear aligners for 20–22 hours every day.

Like braces, Invisalign works by applying pressure to the teeth in order to reposition them. However, the treatment is far more discreet.

Unfortunately, Invisalign cannot fix all cases of skeletal overbites. It’s mostly used for minor to moderate cases. Anything over that will require braces instead.

Additional Ways to Treat Overbites 

Some overbites could be caused by overcrowded teeth. The orthodontist might first recommend an extraction, after which you can get braces or Invisalign treatment.

However, not all cases of overbites can be fixed by an orthodontist. Skeletal overbites might require surgery, or even a combination of braces and surgery, to be fully corrected.

Find out How to Fix Your Overbite

To ensure you get the best results, Dr. John Walsh will first make a thorough assessment of your tooth and jaw alignment to determine the most appropriate way to fix your overbite.

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