What Is Considered To Be An Orthodontic Emergency?

If you or your child has braces from Great Bay Orthodontics, you may be wondering when you should see the orthodontist for emergency care. The good news is that most problems with your braces aren’t emergencies, and usually can be addressed at your routine checkup.

But there are some things that may qualify as dental emergencies, and require same-day care from Dr. John Walsh at Great Bay Orthodontics. Read on, and learn more about the conditions that are usually considered to be orthodontic emergencies.

1. Serious Oral Trauma To The Teeth And/Or Braces

You or your child should always wear a mouth guard while playing sports or participating in hobbies with a risk of dental trauma, particularly when wearing braces. This helps protect your mouth.

If you are struck in the face and mouth and you are experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort, and you suspect that your braces or your teeth may be damaged, you should contact the team at Great Bay Orthodontics. Dr. Walsh will need to examine your mouth and assess your condition to determine the appropriate next steps for restoring your teeth and your braces.

2. Sharp And Irritating Wires That You Can’t Fix On Your Own

Sometimes, you may have a piece of wire that’s poking and irritating your mouth. This is not usually an emergency. Usually, you can use a blob of dental wax to cover the wire. You may also be able to bend it so that it no longer pokes your mouth. 

But if a particular piece of wire continues to poke you, cause sores, and contribute to oral bleeding, it should be addressed. It’s best to have a professional like Dr. Walsh clip the wire and correct this issue. Don’t try to do this on your own, since you or your child could swallow the wire piece accidentally. 

3. Loose Or Broken Brackets And Wires

A single loose or broken bracket is usually not a concern, and can be addressed at your next checkup. However, if you have multiple brackets that are loose or broken, and/or the wire of your braces is loose, you should get help right away. Getting emergency orthodontic care will help keep your treatment on track.

4. Severe Oral Pain That Won’t Go Away

Some pain after a braces adjustment is normal. But usually, this goes away after about 4-7 days. If you’re continuing to experience severe pain and discomfort after a week, this may indicate an issue with your oral health, and you should see Dr. Walsh for help. 

5. Swallowing Or Aspirating (Breathing) A Piece Of The Appliance

This may seem urgent, but in most cases, if you swallow a bracket, a piece of elastic, or another component of your braces, it will harmlessly pass through your system.

However, if you are coughing, having trouble breathing, or having any other issues with respiration, you may have breathed the component. This is a serious emergency. 

Don’t see your orthodontist. Go to the emergency room. They will take x-rays to locate the piece of the braces, and take any necessary next steps to remove the component and protect your health and well-being.

Not Sure What To Do? Give Great Bay Orthodontics A Call! 

Serious orthodontic emergencies are actually quite rare. Most of the time, care for your issue can wait until your next routine checkup. But it’s still important to double-check and get the help you need.

So if you think you need emergency orthodontic care in Stratham, don’t wait. Contact Great Bay Orthodontics at (603) 318-2602. We can provide you with the guidance and assistance you need to resolve the issue and get back to your day-to-day routine.

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