Will Orthodontists Remove Braces Early?

The day you can take your braces off and finally showcase your new smile is a big milestone for every patient. Naturally, you are eager to get to this moment and willing to try different hacks just to speed up your orthodontic treatment

But, is such a thing even possible? Can you remove braces early? 

No, You Can't Remove Your Braces Early? 

We know that this is not the answer you were hoping for, but the reality is that your orthodontic treatment needs to follow a certain timeframe to get the best results. 

On average, it takes about 22 months for traditional orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth and move them into their correct position. 

You may find plenty of tips and hack online about how to speed up the treatment (including adding more elastics to the brackets.) However, these hacks are not only ineffective but can be detrimental to your treatment too. So, as eager as you are to get the braces off in time for a big event, such as a wedding or an important job interview, try to stick to your orthodontist's instructions. 

What Will Happen If You Take the Braces Off Early? 

The effects will not be visible immediately, so you may think that all is well. But, taking your braces off sooner than intended, can lead to:

  • Incomplete treatment: Removing the braces early means that the treatment may not be fully effective, and the original issues may persist or worsen.
  • Teeth shifting: Without the constant pressure provided by braces, teeth may begin to shift back into their original positions. 
  • Stability issues: After the braces are taken off, you will have to wear a retainer to stabilize the teeth in their new positions. If braces are removed early, teeth may be less stable and more likely to move or shift.
  • Jaw and bite problems: If braces are taken off early, it's likely that jaw and bite problems aren't completely solved either. This could lead to problems with chewing, and speaking, or even cause pain and discomfort.
  • Aesthetic concerns: One of the main reasons people get braces is to improve the appearance of their teeth. If braces are removed prematurely, the desired aesthetic outcome may not be achieved, and additional orthodontic treatment might be necessary.

Orthodontic Treatment Is Like a Marathon 

We understand that you've been dealing with your dental issue for a long time and want to be able to enjoy your new and improved smile as soon as possible. But, it's important to understand that orthodontic treatment is a long process that can't be cut short just because you lost your patience or want to look better for a certain event. 

Removing braces too early can have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve and actually prolong the entire process. 

Dr. John Walsh can explain what to expect from your orthodontic treatment and give you a clear timeframe based on your specific problems and needs. 

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